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The modular Final Assembly System

FAStplant® is a modular system for final assembly. It makes production line design flexible by combining different components. The modules require neither ceiling suspensions nor foundation pits, which eliminates building constraints. FAStplant® is ideal for pilot lines as well as SKD (semi-knocked down) and CKD (completely knocked down) installations.

FAStplant® modules

  • Electric Monorail Systems with self-supporting modular structural steelwork for work zones and return section, as well as curves and track switches.
  • Skillet Platform Systems with and without integrated lifting table with platform height of < 300 mm.
  • Modular man-rider conveyors.
  • Utility Structural Steelwork for module pre-assembly.

FAStplant® benefits

  • Flexible plant line extension, shortening or relocation.
  • Easy adaptation to new vehicle models or variants.
  • 30% shorter installation time thanks to pre-tested and pre-assembled modules.
  • Line setup free of building constraints.
  • Less effort in terms of planning and engineering.

FAStplant® as a pilot line

All the performances of a big final assembly system in a miniature assembly shop. One of the applications of FAStplant® is certainly as a pilot line in a dedicated room of the final assembly shop. FAStplant® structure is 12m high. FAStplant® as a pilot line can be used as a:

Training center

All operations of the final assembly shop are simulated and new workers learn in advance how to manage:

  • VAC Line
  • Subassembly Line
  • Manual Marriage Line
  • Trim Line
  • Final Line
  • Car delivery station

Center of ergonomics studies

A bar code along the carrier arm defines the best rotating angle to reach the highest ergonomics possible for every operation.

Miniature final assembly shop

With a Twin Trolley System® as a conveyor and with a high-precision vertical adjustable and rotating carrier on board.

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