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EcoReflect – Innovative Light Tunnel for Surface Quality Inspection

When specialists are working to ensure perfect surface quality, optimal working conditions are essential. We designed and developed every detail of our EcoReflect to meet the needs of those specialists, creating a whole new type of work zone for inspecting surface quality.

Dürr has adapted the multicyclone principle to meet the special process requirements in automotive finishing. Matched to the flow rate and separation efficiency our customers require we offer two EcoMultiCyclone variants. The EcoMultiCyclone Micro is ideal for particles sizes down to 50 µm.

Designed to Make Quality Control Ergonomic and Effective

EcoReflect allows for exact, highly focused visual inspection with an innovative lighting design and an ideal ergonomic environment. This allows paint irregularities to be identified consistently and with the best possible accuracy.

The arced lighting tunnel ensures that the body is illuminated evenly. In contrast to other systems, EcoReflect uses vertical continuous contrast lines to prevent blind spots. This means workers don’t have to constantly move their head up and down to get a good view of the body contours.

Optimized Luminance Distribution

The vertical reflected image is designed to ensure that workers can remain highly focused without being held back by fatigue. The variable luminance within the reflected image helps them to reliably detect both punctiform and more extensive defects in the paint.

Functional Materials in a Flexible Design

Fabric strips between the light arcs absorb sound and prevent distracting reflections from outside the tunnel. They can also be used as ventilation ducts to help maintain a pleasant working climate.

EcoReflect can be constructed as a single station or as a line. Customers can select from various light colors and wall materials.

EcoReflect benefits

  • Ergonomic, fatigue-free work
  • Continuous reflected image
  • Optimized luminance distribution
  • Innovative space design
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