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Paintshop Assessments

Our paint shop assessment determines which improvements are available for you. This provides a strong basis on which to identify and implement long term and sustainable measures with rapid payback.

A competent check of your paint systems by our experts identifies optimization and savings potential, and pinpoints immediate steps you can take to achieve your goals of:

  • Energy and materials efficiency.
  • Capacity adjustments.
  • Optimum implementation of statutory requirements, for example, particle and CO2 emissions, VOCs and water.

We examine every section of each plant individually as well in terms of how it interacts with others, taking account of the age of the plant and your specific goals. The overall objective is to achieve a reduction in unit costs.

Paint shop assessment benefits:

  • ‎‎‎‎‎Expert analysis and best-practice expertise for your complete paint shop.
  • An assessment tailored to your individual needs.
  • Sound knowledge and documentation base concerning the risks and potential of the paint plant.
  • Selected measures for direct implementation.
  • Precise information as a basis for making decisions on future investments to sustainably reduce unit costs.
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