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Electrode Manufacturing

Dürr Megtec provides complete packages to manufacturers of batteries for electric cars who can rely on its state-of-the-art technology for electrode coating and drying and its proven systems for solvent recovery and refining.

Dürr Megtec provides specialized coating lines offering lithium-ion battery electrode manufacturers greater throughput, better quality control and waste elimination. Also, environmental compliance solutions.

Working with companies in the United States, Europe and Asia for lithium-ion electrode production, Dürr Megtec is leading the process development needs of coating, drying, and solvent recovery equipment for advanced battery electrode development and manufacturing.

From a coating line that meets the basic and competitive needs of a new player in the market to a fully integrated production line for high-volume runs, Dürr Megtec is a single-source OEM that can meet all your electrode production requirements, including engineering support during process development. Our capabilities cover turnkey coating lines, equipment installation, start-up supervision, and 24/7 service and parts support.

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