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Plant level

Master planning & production footprint development

  • ‎‎‎‎‎Development of manufacturing concepts for green fields and brownfields.
  • Optimal design of production and ancillary areas as well as interfaces in terms of body flow, supply chain, quality, organization and communication.

Lean production concepts

  • Process analysis considering product, process, logistics, equipment and operator.
  • Set-up of performance KPI target picture.
  • Identification of process potentials and optimization roadmaps and change monitoring.

Process analysis & optimization

  • Assessment and evaluation of production processes and equipment.
  • Workplace / station optimization.

Location analysis & feasibility studies

  • Location analysis for greenfield and brownfield projects regarding finance location, logistical and infrastructure interfaces.
  • Assess impacts on existing facilities due to technology integration, relocation, expansion or shutdown.

Technology and flexibility readiness check

  • Determine drivers for flexibility requirements within your organization.​
  • Assess existing technology and structure for flexibility and changeability and identify potentials for process optimization and adaptability.​
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