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Precision Optics


Daily contact lenses are also produced on Teamtechnik systems. Teamtechnik has supplied several dozen systems to the largest customer in this sector, having a total capacity of several billion daily disposable lenses per year.

Implemented processes

  • De-moulding from injection moulding machines
  • Nitrogenation
  • Colour printing processes
  • Monomer dosing
  • Curing
  • Cracking/Decapping
  • Visual inspection
  • Hydration

Ultrasonic cleaning machines for precision optics

Increasing cleanliness requirements and consistent cleaning results are common demands for precision optics. UCM, a member of the Ecoclean Group, stands for Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines and offers optimized solutions ranging from in-process to final cleaning prior to coating. With the broad spectrum from aqueous, multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning processes to ultrapure water rinsing with subsequent drying processes, UCM always offers the optimum solution for fine cleaning processes in the entire production chain.

UCM is a full solution provider for industrial cleaning applications, ranging from pre-cleaning via intermediate cleaning to fine and ultra-fine cleaning requirements, including cleanroom applications.

UCM is a manufacturer of multi-stage immersion-type ultrasonic cleaning lines. All equipment meets the highest standards of substrate cleanliness. Our sophisticated modular design allows these systems to be individually and cost-efficiently adapted to any application and requirement. This includes sputtering, ultrasonic resonators for different frequencies and power levels as well as re-circulation and filtration systems. Various processes, including passivation, DI rinsing, lift-out, and drying (blowing off, warm air, vacuum, IR) are applied to meet the specific task.

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