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Modular Design

Flexible, versatile and customizable

Automation and work decks for manual tasks are inseparable in modern paint shops. Our modular work deck brings both worlds together and makes your production more flexible for maximum productivity.

A building block for the paint shop of the future

Future-oriented production plants are characterized by a high degree of flexibility, variety and adaptability. They integrate industry 4.0 solutions, enable quality improvements and are cost-efficient. Our modular work decks offer maximum flexibility, e.g., for the integration of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), and equip your production for tomorrow's vehicle generations.

Flexible modular principle

Our modular work deck is based on the customizable concept for both open work decks and closed work booths. This standardized modular system enables the work deck type, location and equipment components to be adjusted quickly and easily. The work deck can be flexibly customized to changing requirements in the painting process by removing or replacing wall and ceiling modules as required.

Mechatronic design

The integrated, mechatronic design reduces the complexity of added-on equipment and saves assembly time and costs. The basic lighting is already integrated in the support structure. Surface indicator lights can also be added as needed. Thanks to the integrated design, separate cable ducts are no longer necessary. All operating and supply functions are well-organized in configurable, space-saving media islands.

Functional materials

Functional fabrics as wall and ceiling elements give the modular work deck its characteristic appearance. The modern look and feel of the fabrics convey a pleasant sense of open space and also absorb noise, significantly improving working conditions and ergonomics. Transparent wall and ceiling surfaces make closed work booths feel more spacious.

Effective ventilation

An effective ventilation plan is particularly important in closed work booths. In Dürr's modular work deck, fabric ducts with microperforation ensure a precisely defined air flow in the working environment. This guarantees the optimum removal of dust and other emissions – flow-optimized and with maximum health protection for the workers. Whether in the area occupied by the worker or spot-repair areas, the ventilation is quiet and draft-free.

Your advantages with modular work decks

  • ‎‎‎‎‎‎High flexibility and easy expandability.
  • Versatile application options and customization.
  • Effective space gain through integrated lighting.
  • Ideal work deck climate thanks to textile wall elements and air ducts.
  • Maximum ergonomics.
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