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EcoProWet PT: Pretreatment rethought

EcoProWet PT is a flexible, sustainable and scalable pre-treatment system in the painting process. Car bodies of all types are cleaned in modular chambers. The capacity of the system can be continuously expanded as needed and without major interruptions to operation.

Dürr's new system design consists of compact chambers that are flooded or equipped with spray nozzles depending on the process step.

In the spray chamber, a large number of nozzles clean the car body. If necessary, the nozzles can be directed to different areas and can be flexibly switched on and off according to the size and shape of the car bodies. In the flooding chamber, the treatment fluid is fed into the chamber from a buffer tank located above. Only as much liquid is used as is needed for the respective size of the car body.

The compact design enables completely new forms of layout design and the required floor space can thus be reduced to a minimum. Thanks to the modular design, the system can be expanded in a very short time and without significant interruptions to operation. Like the chambers themselves, all elements of the plant, e.g. pumps, dosing stations, flaps, are modularly designed to enable not only efficient logistics but also short assembly and commissioning times during construction.

The vertical reflected image is designed to ensure that workers can remain highly focused without being held back by fatigue. The variable luminance within the reflected image helps them to reliably detect both punctiform and more extensive defects in the paint.

Fabric strips between the light arcs absorb sound and prevent distracting reflections from outside the tunnel. They can also be used as ventilation ducts to help maintain a pleasant working climate.

EcoReflect can be constructed as a single station or as a line. Customers can select from various light colors and wall materials.

Advantages of modular pre-treatment:

  • Flexible: Individual treatment for different car bodies
  • Scalable: Start small, expand as needed
  • Compact: Minimum footprint, new layout opportunities
  • Sustainable: Due to minimum volumes and heat losses
  • Modular: Fast and easy installation due to prebuilt modules
  • Easy maintenance: Perfect access in one level
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