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We supply flexible, sustainable painting solutions for all types of vehicles and transport solutions. We can supply tailor-made solutions that meet customer needs and demands perfectly, and ensure that the process of planning and implementing new plants and modernizing existing factories runs smoothly. Plants also produce the highest quality results when painting components such as plastic parts and wheel rims.

Our long-standing experience and solid process expertise guarantee an integrated approach to both brownfield modernization of existing factories and greenfield new-build production lines. Ongoing development of paint shop products and processes optimizes energy consumption, improves quality and reduces unit costs.

Our decades of experience, in-depth process knowledge and extensive digital expertise guarantee that we take an integrated approach to the implementation of paint shops. At the same time, by combining these competencies, we will be able to overcome the challenges involved in automotive production in the future.

We take into consideration customers’ specific requirements and global trends to make production plants more efficient and sustainable on an ongoing basis. With a combination of innovative ability, process knowledge and digital expertise, we develop solutions for the challenges of the future. These include:

  • Designing new processes especially designed for painting electric cars.​
  • Developing intelligent software solutions that increase overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Planning scalable layouts for a requirement-based initial investment and subsequent expansion.
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