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Management level

Market analysis & strategies

  • Development of strategic routes for creating innovative production concepts.
  • Having a networked view of products and production cycles is a core component in optimizing your manufacturing processes for the long term.
  • Assessment of the extent to which your company is flexible, modifiable and digitally prepared on the basis of your existing technologies, processes and structures.
  • Recording of all important interfaces.
  • Analysis of competitive situations and establishment of market potentials and drivers of growth.
  • Analysis of technological standards in production systems.

Development of production strategies

  • Identify technology and production system requirements based on internal requirements, capabilities and business environment.
  • Determine the current status quo Definition of competitive priorities and strategic success factors & formulation of production visions and roadmaps.
  • Development of the strategy, a definition of solution space, a problem description and clear KPI set.
  • Determine drivers for flexibility requirements within your organization.
  • Assess existing technology and structure for flexibility and changeability and identify potentials for process optimization and adaptability.

Digitalization strategies & readiness assessments

  • Development of tailor-made digitalization roadmaps & strategies according to the dimensions of availability, system performance and quality.
  • Enabling of organizations for agile digitalization implementation.

Technology consulting & benchmarking

  • Development of concepts for specific technological cases under consideration of product, process and location factors.
  • Scouting and benchmarking of technology variants, feasibility and potential analysis.
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