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Our product range includes systems for joining and bolting the drive and chassis units into the body, plus manual, semi and fully automated axle adjustment stations. These systems are ideally tailored to individual customer specifications, as process sequences are already tested and analyzed in the planning phase using virtual engineering.

Our portfolio is rounded off by perfectly harmonized conveyor systems and innovative software for production control. With innovative thinking, we work with and for our customers to develop solutions that optimize production processes in order to significantly reduce costs, time and resources.

Our automotive assembly technology includes:

Choose exactly what you need from the largest range available on the market. Final assembly equipment for:

  • Final Assembly
  • Filling Technology
  • Conveying Systems
    • Overhead Conveyors
    • Floor Conveyors
    • ProFleet (AGVs)
  • Assembly Technology
    • Axle Setting
    • Bolting System
    • Chassis Integration
      • Unit Assembly (Marriage)
      • Flex Decking
      • Automatic Battery Loading
  • Testing Systems
    • Roll/Brake/ABS Testing
    • Wheel Alignment
    • Headlamp Setting
    • Setting for driver assistance systems
    • Electronics Testing
    • Autonomous driving systems settings
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