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Planning level

Process & Manufacturing Engineering

  • Development and definition of manufacturing process and technologies based on strong collaboration with the product development departments.

Digital use case planning

  • Development of concepts for specific digital use case applications on the shop floor.
  • Determination of potential invest and customer benefits and execution of feasibility studies and RFQ definition.


  • Digitalization in production and on the shop floor.
  • Design & implementation of MES systems and/or additional functionalities Measures to increase the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and the first run rate.
  • Using digital helpers in a targeted manner.

MES Consulting

  • Creation of concepts for implementation of MES systems and establishment of vertical consistency.
  • Analysis of necessary functionalities and benchmarking of common available MES systems.
  • Define and formulate RFQs for external vendors.

Layout development and factory planning

  • Design flexible and changeable production concepts.
  • Align process, technology and interfaces to achieve sustainable efficiency.
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