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The Paintshop of the Future

SSB is your reliable partner in automotive paint shop planning and implementation, both for the modernization of existing plants and the construction of new production lines.

The concept of the paint shop of the future allows for the highest levels of flexibility. The paint shop of the future breaks away from the traditional layout used in the automotive industry and introduces a modular concept. The body parts are now painted in boxes rather than on a production line. These boxes are scalable and this makes them ideal for a wide variety of component sizes and applications. Instead of fixed cycle times, there are requirement-based process times. New models can easily be integrated at any time, which increases the overall availability of the plant. In combination with intelligent IIoT solutions, the paint shop of the future can be adapted to any production scenario.

In July 2020 – Dürr presents a completely new layout for automotive painting. Instead of the conventional painting lines, in which cars are painted one after the other, the paint shop of the future will, for the first time, work with painting boxes standing side by side. As a result, the automotive industry can paint a large number of different models with high flexibility and – depending on size – at different speeds. For the transport of car bodies to the boxes, Dürr has developed the world’s first driverless transport system especially for paint shops. The paint shop of the future saves time and material, is more sustainable and can be easily expanded. This also makes it suitable for new e-mobility start-ups that start with small quantities and later expand production.

Five pillars form the foundations for the paint shop of the future:

  • ‎‎‎‎‎‎Efficiency: Full automation, intelligent software and reduced capital and operating expenditure for the greatest possible overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Innovation: The latest technologies for pioneering developments.
  • Flexibility: Adaptable concepts for all applications, production capacities and challenges.
  • Sustainability: Products and processes with an environmentally friendly design for resource-efficient production.
  • Quality and service: Service and support throughout the entire life cycle of the paint shop for outstanding customer satisfaction.

Digitalization plays a supporting role in all five pillars. We combine software competency and production process expertise to produce optimal solutions. As a result, digital products become enablers and drivers for all five pillars of the paint shop of the future.

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